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BBC News : New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has rejected a “bribe” from an 11-year-old girl who wrote asking her government to conduct dragon research. The girl, identified only as Victoria, wanted to be given telekinetic powers so she

BBC News : Biodegradable plastic bags can still carry shopping three years after being left in a natural environment. Five plastic bag materials found in UK shops were tested to see what happens to them in environments where they can

BBC News : You might only be grabbing a sandwich, crisps and maybe a cake and coffee, but that unremarkable weekday lunch can produce four or more items of waste. That adds up: the UK’s lunch-on-the-go habit is creating nearly

BBC News : The US admissions scandal has seen dozens of people charged following claims wealthy parents paid bribes to get their children places at elite colleges. But how much does which university you attend really matter? Not much, according

BBC News : Uber drivers in London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Glasgow will protest outside Uber offices on Wednesday. They will be joined by drivers in the US cities of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia and

BBC News : A landing feature was “inoperative” on a passenger plane that slid off a runway in the US state of Florida on Friday, investigators have said. The Boeing 737, operated by Miami Air International, ended up in a

BBC News : A former policeman in the US state of Minnesota has been found guilty of murdering an unarmed Australian woman. Mohamed Noor shot Justine Ruszczyk Damond as she approached his patrol car to report a possible rape behind

BBC News : Juan Guaidó has appealed for his supporters to take to the streets of Venezuela again on Wednesday, after a day of violent clashes on Tuesday. President Nicolás Maduro, whom the opposition leader is trying to unseat, remains

BBC News : The UK’s shale gas commissioner is resigning after just six months, saying fracking is being throttled by rules preventing mini earthquakes. Current government rules mean fracking must be suspended every time a 0.5 magnitude tremor is detected.

BBC News : Cyclone Kenneth has ‘entirely wiped out’ some villages in Mozambique, after making landfall on Thursday, according to a UN official. One aid worker said it looked like areas had been ‘run over by a bulldozer’. It comes