Dubai Princess Hend Al Qassimi

There are a number of magazines that captures the essence and flavor of a particular landscape by interacting and scrutinizing the area and people residing there. Among them all, Velvet Magazine has been the most successful. They inform and educate readers about various experiences in Middle East encompassing traveling, fashion, trends and lifestyle of the locals. And Princess Hend Al Qassimi have helped Velvet Magazine in their endeavor.

A number of events were organized under the patronage of Princess Hend Al Qassimi which included the performance and participation by many kids as well. All these events were meant Cialis to serve a charitable cause and all the proceeding were put to noble use. The events conducted were, Velvet Fashion Shows, Miss.UAE (Kids), Mr.UAE (Kids), Qatar Fashion Week, Velvet Fashion Week, Address Hotel Charity Fashion Show, Armani Hotel Design Competition and Burj AlArab Diamond Fashion Show.

These events were planned and managed by Heart in a box, which provided all the required flowers and chocolates required for the event. The firm started as a small shop which now expanded and is planning and managing various crucial charitable events which are attended by numerous well known dignitaries.